How The Telecom Industry Has Changed After Jio’s Entry.

Jio has become boon for most customers who do not have deep pockets. Now, they do not have to splurge a wide chunk on a voice call, internet etc., like they had to do earlier. The telecom industry has completely changed after Jio’s entry. And the prominent changes have been mentioned below

  • Made A Stir With Introducing Ultra-Cheap Data:

Before the entry of Reliance Jio, data used to be quite expensive. Earlier, consumers had to spend a wide chunk of Rs. 450 for 1GB of data. But after Jio’s launched offer of free data, competition become quite tough. Jiorecharge made its customers happy introducing 4GB of high-speed of 4G data per day followed by continued data at 128kbps speed. But after a stipulated time, it has to launch chargeable plans though.

  • Increased Consumption Of Online Content:

With the facility of free data, the consumption ratio of online content has increased incredibly. Jio played a major role to make go digital. A wide chunk of the youth of India is now online since the internet is available at quite reasonable prices.

  • Customers Enjoy Free Voice Calls:

Gone are the days when you have to pay a wide chunk of calls. Jio is here with the best offers so that you can have benefitedfrom free voice calls. Voice calls have become free for all consumers across networks when Jio launched operations. Jio introduced both local and STD calls will always be free on its network for its customers. According to the company, its network currently tackling 250 crores minutes a day of calls.

  • Proliferation Of 4G Smartphones:

The market for 4G smartphones got completely changed after the entrance of Jio services. It made possible for everyone to access the company’s 4G network for free. Online recharge sites such as Paytm, FreeCharge, MobikWik etc., are available with the variety of 4G Smartphone recharge packs. You can easily choose from there according to your choice and requirements.

  • Faster and Quick Mobile Data:

Earlier people used to go with 2G and 3G internet speed. After Jio, people switched to 4G. The increased internet speed brought a great change. The download speed offered by Jio is around 18Mbps while other used to offer roughly 10Mbps speeds.

Online Recharge Sites Complimenting Jio –

The fact cannot be ignored that online recharge sites have also brought a great change to the way of recharging mobiles. Now, you do not need to rush to physical mobile recharge stores to get your recharge done. All you need to do is just visit the site, simply get registered following the easy steps. You can grab the best offers and deals just by exploring the wide collection. By being a Jio customer and using any of these online recharge sites can bring a lot of benefits to you. You should not let these exciting offers slip from your hands at any rate.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with the best option called Jio. You can enjoy a variety of offers going with this brand.